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Pianta di Prunus × cistena vaso 18cm - Vivaio Garden Forest.

Prunus is the Latin name for plum, x indicates that the plant has a hybrid nature, and cistena comes from the Sioux word for "baby". The fruits are edible and provide a great food source for many small birds including robins, cardinals, and waxwings. Many of these birds also nest in the tree 2,3. Prunus x cistena is a deciduous Shrub growing to 2 m 6ft by 2 m 6ft at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone UK 4. It is in flower from May to June. The species is hermaphrodite has both male and female organs and is pollinated by Insects. Suitable for: light sandy, medium loamy and heavy clay soils and prefers well-drained soil. Prunus x cistena, Sand Cherry, Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Prunus x cistena forms an upright, bushy, slow growing shrub which also makes a good low maintenance, deciduous hedge. Alternatively, grow as a specimen shrub in a container on the patio or as a focal point in the garden. Its single, pale pink, fragrant flowers.

06/02/2020 · Prunus x cistena Purple-leaf sand cherry will reach a height of 1.5m and a spread of 1.5m after 10-20 years. Suggested uses. Banks and Slopes, Beds and borders, City, Cottage/Informal, Hedging/Screens, Low Maintenance. Cultivation. Plant in moderately fertiles, moist but well drained soil in sun or light shade. Tecniche di coltivazione. Il prunus è un albero dalle caratteristiche singolari. Proprio queste, infatti, lo rendono uno degli alberi ornamentali esistenti più belli e ricercati. Prima di tutto, è necessario sottolineare la propensione dell'albero di prunus all'adattamento per il terreno di coltura. Come la maggior parte delle piante, ovviamente, necessita di un terreno ben idratato. Nádherná okrasná slivoň s temně purpurovými listy. Květy se objevují v květnu, až po rozvití listů, jsou téměř bílé s nachovým nádechem a červenohnědými kalichy.

It is a fast grower and can reach more than 10 feet if left totally alone. Some pruning is advisable however as the branches can split when older. Purpleleaf Sand Cherry responds well to many types of pruning including coppicing and renewal pruning. Prunus x cistena can. Our Prunus × cistena hedging plants are best suited to moist, well-drained soils in sunny to partially shaded sites. However, Prunus × cistena can tolerate heat, cold and drought. As a hybrid of the prune and cherry species Prunus cerasifera and Prunus pumila, Purple Leaf Sand Cherry is sometimes known as Dwarf Red-Leaf Plum. Best uses for. Purple-leaf Sand Cherry Growing and Maintenance Tips. Purple-leaf sand cherry grows best in a semi-dry, fertile soil transplanting easily, and tolerating a wide range of soil types and conditions. Prunus x cistena. Sku 6687. Prized for its masses of light pink flowers and deep purple foliage. Small black fruit follows the flowers in summer. A beautiful accent plant as either a multi-branched or a single trunk specimen. While there is seldom a large crop, the small, sour fruit may be. Deciduous shrub, upright, to 7-10 ft 2-3 m tall, somewhat less of a spread, slow growing. Leaves reddish purple, color maintained through the summer, lanceolate-obovate, 3-6 cm long, serrate, glossy above, midrib somewhat pubescent below, petiole 1-1.5 cm long.

  1. Descrizione: La Prunus × cistena è un arbusto facente parte della famiglia delle Rosaceae.L’altezza è compresa tra 100 e 150 cm può essere tenuta anche dove non c’è molto spazio, la larghezza va da 100 a 150 cm. Per crescere e arrivare al suo sviluppo massimo sono necessari più o meno 10-20 anni.
  2. La pianta di Prunus x cistena è un albero di forma compatta a foglia caduca, di colore rosso porpora brillante in primavera, vira al rosso bronzo in autunno, produce fiori bianco rosato, la fioritura avviene in Aprile. Può raggiungere nel tempo fino ad 2,50 metri di altezza. Coltivato per la sua splendida fioritura, è.
  3. Prunus x cistena NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Prunus x cistena, Sand Cherry, Purple Leaf Sand.

17/05/2013 · One of My Favorite Plants: Prunus Cistena Purple Sand Cherry Ted Zurawski- Vice President of Meadows Farm NurseriesPrunus Cist. Prunus × cistena, the purple leaf sand cherry or dwarf red-leaf plum, is a hybrid species of prune-cherry, the result of a cross between Prunus cerasifera cherry plum or myrobalan plum and Prunus pumila sand cherry. A leggy bush or shrubby tree, it typically reaches a height of 1.5–2.5 meters and has a useful life of 10–20 years. The fruit are edible, if strong-tasting. A beautiful ornamental plum tree with deep purple leaves. Flowers appear in May, after the leaves have started to wrap out, and they are pale, nearly white with light purple tint. 07/07/2014 · ----- Milyen videó ez? Ön egy kertészeti témákkal foglalkozó YouTube csatornán jár, ahol Megyeri Szabolcs kertészmérnök előadásában ismerkedhet a hazai klímán alkalmazható.

Prunus × cistena, commonly called purple-leaf sand cherry, is an upright deciduous shrub that can also be trained as a small tree.While the blooms of this plant are stunningly beautiful, it is most noted for its reddish purple foliage that lasts the whole summer. Deciduous shrub bearing intense purple-red leaves that are retained all summer. Fragrant single pink flowers produced from April to May. Ht.1.5mt.5ft.. Purplish-black fruits are produced in June after flowers; and leaves turn bronzy-green in autumn. Gro. A bushy, medium-sized deciduous shrub with small, pinkish-white flowers. Leaves red-purple, deepening in the summer and brighter in autumn Continue reading →. Prunus x cistena is a hybrid cross between P. Pumila and P. Cerasifera Atropurpurea. It is a deciduous shrub growing from 7 to 10 feet in height, -6' wide. The foliage is an bright red-purple and holds its color over the summer. The fragrant flowers are single and pink,. Prunus Cistena. Condizioni di vendita. Tipologia di piante. Cerca prodotto. VAI AL CARRELLO. Il carrello è vuoto. Area riservata. User ID Password. Nuovo utente? Dimenticato la password? Hai un GARDEN CENTER? Contattaci per diventare NOSTRO RIVENDITORE.

A very tolerant plant with intense purple-red foliage that shows stunningly throughout the summer. Small, single pink flowers line the branches before foliage flushes in late April and are very effective. Discover RHS expert help and advice on growing, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. Find specific plants with our Plant Finder & Plant Selector. Prunus X Cistena from Burncoose Nurseries FRUITING CHERRIES available online to buy - Information: red leaves and white flowers in spring. Black edible fruits. Deciduous - oval leaves to 6cm 2½in long.White. Find Purpleleaf Sandcherry Prunus x cistena in Naperville Aurora Batavia Oswego Chicago Wheaton Illinois IL at The Growing Place Cistena Cherry.

Prunus cistena. x cistena Crimson Dwarf I. Arbusto o piccolo albero a foglia caduca con foglie rosso chiaro in primavera, in seguito rosso bronzo, corteccia dei giovani rami rosso vivo. Ibrido fra Prunus cerasifera Atropurpurea e Prunus pumila. 20/02/2020 · Purpleleaf sand cherry Prunus x cistena is a deciduous shrub prized primarily for its bright reddish-purple leaves that turn bronze-green in fall. This shrub, cultivated across U.S. Department.

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